Monday, 11 January 2010


I've not got a lot else done this week as just getting the basics sorted has been hard work in all this snow. The ponies are a super effort as we have no water at the field, so this has to be carried over in large containers and the lane up to the field has been deep in snow drifts. No good for my little car, but a total breeze for hubby's truck.

The lane is so totally gorgeous in all it's snowy finery,

I shall have to include some of these scenes in my paintings.

I have managed to squeeze in a little rough sketching though. This picture is a rough out for a valentines card and there is a lot of work yet to be done.

This one is almost a doodle of Merlin, just because he's so much fun to draw. I love his shaggy little head and constantly alert expression. I'm not sure if I'll take this one any further, as I was just flexing my pencils after a few months of sculpting. It felt good to draw again.


ICQB said...

I absolutely love the sketch of Merlin, especially after having seen a picture or two of him of late in the snow with his 'coat' on.

Yarrow said...