Monday, 22 March 2010


I have a head full of images this week and lots of ideas for paintings. I don't think I'll be painting any graveyards yet, but this was such a lovely place to sit and gather my thoughts while out on my Artist's Date last week.
It's a small and very old graveyard and holds the graves of some of the Bonham-Carters. Helena's brother Crispin attended a Hogwarts-esque private school not far from here!

This was my favourite, with its gorgeous celtic knotwork, carpet of snowdrops and

delightful name of Sibella.

We spent the best part of Sunday in the woods with the ponies and now my head is full of faeries

and unicorns (of course!).

Today it's back to the Studio, to capture these elusive thoughts on paper.


Julia Kelly said...

Thank you for the pictures! Give us more! When I get over there again I want to just walk through church yards and graveyards- know that sounds kind of weird.

Yarrow said...

Not at all, they can be so magical. Shout when you visit and I'll take you on a tour :)