Thursday, 11 March 2010


Let me tell you a bit about Reiki. Around 6 years ago I was at a turning point in my life. All I wanted to be was an artist, but I felt low on energy and in poor health, so I went to several different kinds of healers. At this point I'd been to the Doctor and was told that at my age, what could I expect! Well! I'm no crone, not yet anyway, and felt that wasn't a good enough diagnosis, so hence the healers. By chance I found myself recieving a Reiki treatment at a Spriritual Fayre and felt a huge shift in perspective. The Universe suddenly opened out before me and I saw infinite potential in all possibilities. I wanted to learn more and began my Reiki training.
Jump forward 6 years and I'm now a Reiki Master and Teacher. The Reiki enhances my art and my art takes me to where people need the Reiki. It balances in perfect symmetry.

Reiki is a beautiful, non invasive therapy using the energy that is all around us to balance and recharge our batteries. The feeling of peace and love is incredible and almost impossible to describe. It isn't always possible for people to have access to treatments though, and so I set out to design something that was portable, affordable and could be safely sent through the post.

The Reiki pouch contains a mixture of herbs infused with Reiki energy to help bring healing to a specific condition. It can be worn or placed under a pillow for the healing to work.

The Reiki book is a little different in that it is simply infused with Reiki and will work for most problems, situations or minor ailments.

Write the problem or ailment on a piece of paper and seal it inside the book until the matter is resolved.

Reiki is inexhaustable and unconditional, but should you buy one and 'feel' that the energy is low, I will recharge it, distantly, at no extra charge.

For many people, this way of thinking requires a huge leap of faith, but believe me, it works and is amazing. I've successfully treated many animals by distance healing and for a while worked on some horses at the Lluest horse and pony sanctuary in Wales. This, by the way is my favourite charity, and I support it whenever possible.

Normally, the pouches will be available for £15.00, but as an introductory offer, they will be in the Etsy shop for £10.00.

I've just received a delivery of the most beautiful recycled felt in some truly delicious colours, but unfortunately the camera flash makes them look quite toxic, so when I get a better picture, I'll share it with you all :)


ICQB said...

I'm not really familiar with Reiki, but you make it sound intriguing - and something very in touch with the natural. Maybe it's Reiki energy that I feel when I'm outside and soaking in my surroundings - I often feel very peaceful surrounded by nature.

I love your dolls and cards and paintings,etc. You've been busy, and I hope that continues when your studio 'thaws out' :-)

Yarrow said...

Thank you, ICQB, and yes I expect you are feeling the energy of the Universe. Reiki is a way of channeling it to a specific purpose, although some people naturally have this ability.