Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Stephanie Dosen.

I love this girls music so very much. She's a talented artist and an inspirational blogger. She makes knitting look cool and did I mention how much I love her music. You can find her blog here at Owl in the dark . Her beautiful music is on my mixpod player (on the left bar) and a couple of her early albums are available on Amazon. I know, cos I bought one! Let me know what you think :)


faerie finder said...

aw you are so sweet and i love your blog :) ♥
this is just a silly rough demo we made of this song
when i was still kind of writing the lyrics.. we are in the studio
as we speak making the full record!
yay i hope it will have some charm :)
it will be out in maybe 6 months?
hearts and thanks for the fairy words!

Tammie Lee said...

Her music is full of whimsy and wonder. Thank you.

Yarrow said...

Wow, thanks for visiting, Stephanie and good luck with the recording, I can't wait :)

Glad you like the music Tammie, it would go well with your wonderful pictures :)

faerie finder said...

thanks! (ps. you didnt come over like that at all! no worries :)
im glad you were inspired by some of my songs!) hearts
and happy paints xoxo