Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter hols and the Creative Butterfly.

YAAAY, the hols are now with us and it would seem that I have more time to do what I love best, creating art, or do I?

The next two weeks will be filled to the brim with de-cluttering some very dodgy areas in the house, digging and weeding the vegetable beds at the field and getting a saddle on Merlin. I've enlisted the children to help, but unfortunately they're now at an age where they want payment. Praise and respect just don't cut it with them now, they want to see the colour of the folding stuff or the little mercenaries walk :) Of course though, they are still of an age to expect an Easter Egg Hunt, so I do have a little bargaining power left!!!

Being something of a creative butterfly, I tend to flit from one activity to another. I think the constant change helps to keep my ideas fresh and it seems to be quite common among artists that they like to have several projects on the go at once!

I've been knitting again lately and inspired by Stephanie's fingerless Alice gloves, I've made these little granny gloves for my daughter, the Moomin. I wanted to use the Rowan kidsilk that Stephanie did, but these gloves need to be tough for my girly tomboy! When the other one is knitted and both are stitched, I'll show you a picture of them as worn (probably to the field as she likes to be stylish at all times!)

So from knitting to painting, the butterfly flits. Ceramic dragons have taken a rest

as have little clay pigs. I must make some more of these as I'd forgotten how adorable they were :)

I've also had a rest from needlefelting, but feel my fingers twitching to get back to it.
This little guy was based on Merlin and he sold at an exhibition along with his

fair maiden. They proved to be very popular!

Many of my projects are seasonal, as it's often far too cold to do the sculpting during the Winter months, even in the kitchen. That's when I reach for the comfort of the wool based crafts, also, it's easier to work at these in the lounge before the fire!

When I get out to the Studio, the smell of the clay and paint lure me in to tackle the sculptures and I can feel the pull getting stronger, despite the constant rain. Soon, I'll be trotting across the lawn with a flask and hot water bottle and playing with thick sticky clay and getting generally very mucky indeed! But not today ;)


Cally's Cottage said...

Beautiful things!Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Julia Guthrie said...

LOL...oh yes sadly there comes a time when the kids start to exert their bargining power!:)
One day even chocolate eggs won't be enough tho...hehehe

I love your Dragon & Piggy sculptures!! :)
Hope you're having a lovely weekend xxx

Yarrow said...

Happy Easter to you both. Thank you for visiting, and yes Julia, I know I'm on borrowed time!

Tuatha of the Isles said...

Love your unicorns and dragons! Beautiful. Your felt art is amazing and so full of character!!