Monday, 26 April 2010

Mirrors of the Soul.

For a complete change, I dug out my pastels and began a new series of pictures. I'm so pleased with how they have turned out, although I may yet make a few changes before they are done. Pastels were my first love and getting out my drawing box was like slipping into a comfy jumper as my fingers worked quickly, sketching and smudging and dabbing on little highlights.

The problem with pastels was that I was too familiar with it. I began to get stale as I took it for granted. Now after a 3year break I found the fun again.

This series will be concentrating on the eyes, of animals and people.

Here is Toffee, and already I can see some changes that need to be made.

My cheeky little Merlin. This is one of his favourite poses. He gazes so deeply into my eyes, I could drown in those deep pools of knowing.

Merlin again, focusing elsewhere and I'm released from his spell.

Here is the original photo of Merlin's beautiful eye. I've never known a horse or pony with such dark eyes :)


Elizabeth Rimmer said...

Those are really beautiful pictures Kim. Thank you for sharing

Yarrow said...

Thank you Elizabeth :)