Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sewing Sunday.

Ren over at Fairysteps has started a Sewing Sunday Flicker group and today I'm going to join in. Before I get started on my lovely (and expensive) linen skirt, I'm going to have a play with this pretty cotton lawn that was an Ebay bargain.

It was a lttle too bright and new looking, so I gave it a good soak in some strong tea. It's not as dark as I would like, but it's a little muted now and that's fine.

I've cut out a simple A line shape and will sew this up later today after ponies are fed and housework tackled. Pictures of my progress to follow.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.


hen said...

Kiiiiiiiim! HelloooOOOoo!

WoW! I just LOVE what you've been up to! Those dolls are fantastic. Haunting even.

Hope you are well lovely bean!


Yarrow said...

Yaay, hi Hen, lovely to see you :)

Tammie Lee said...

how fun that you are joining a sewing group. I joined Sunday sketches and it does help to keep me drawing and learning. Plus blogging friends are so supportive.
Thank you for telling me about Stephanie. I have visited her lovely blog. Nice to know that they will have a CD soon.
I look forward to seeing what you will be making!

Yarrow said...

I thought you'd like Stephanie's blog if you like her music, she's so totally fae :)