Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Magical inspiration.

In our field the Hawthorn trees are heavy and drooping with fragrant drifts of tiny white flowers,

reaching towards a cooling sky, drifts of clouds after a scorching week.

Under the trees at the top of the field a snowy carpet of cow parsley frames our resting place.

An avenue of silver birches and more cow parsley. The Moomin calls them marry flowers :)

A fairy gathering place, maybe even a Mad Hatters Tea Party!

I climbed the huge goat willow and looked back towards the ponies, the chickens and our magical haven.

The opposite end of the field holds our small wood supply, for crafting, turning and painting.

Our neighbours.

The lower wood, small but full of potential and on a good year a decent crop of sloe berries :)

A little Unicorn ;)


Gerry Snape said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

Yarrow said...

Thank you Gerry, I wish it was our garden, but it's the field where we keep our ponies.

Abi said...

Ok, I am easily confused! you have 2 blogs! I love the pictures... you live in a beautiful place... Oh I do miss England :O(

renilde said...

Looks so peaceful and lovely your field,your photoos give a good impression,i can almost smell the place,enjoy it,Renilde

Linda said...

Oh my goodness, what a very sweet tea party. I had a wonderful time meeting the other guests. The tea and the goodies were wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me.