Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lists and a few words from the hens.

I have a list as long as my arm to get through and I'm at the procrastination stage. Sitting here contemplating the work is so much easier than getting up and doing it!

I have
bookmarks to finish
gift cards to print
portraits to start and finish
Merlin needs schooling
Toffee needs riding
vegetables have to be planted
vegetable beds need to be weeded

That's just scratching the surface as housework, cooking and cleaning are all still lurking but for now I'll happily overlook that pile of washing!

While I was sitting under the goat willow drawing, my two hens were constant companions, taking their rest in the shade and catching the occasional greenfly, which is a funny thing to watch! They chattered to each other constantly and at length the talk turned to the extra space in the hen run since my two old girls had passed on.

Mabel - I think she'll be getting us a new sister soon.
Lottie - Huh? Do you think so?
Mabel - Hopefully a small and silly hen that will do as she's told.
Lottie - An ugly hen?
Mabel - Probably. She won't be as gorgeous as me - us, I mean!
Lottie - We are very lovely.
Mabel - Yes very lovely.

and they wandered off, muttering about this and that and the merits of greenfly over larger flies, which are apparently a little bitter! I stiffled a smile thinking about how wrong they are about their new sister!

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