Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Making hay.

It's been a busy time here at Oakmoon, and it's not all about art. In fact, squeezing some time in each day to be creative is becoming an art form of it's own!

Having the field and ponies is a big responsibility and I really couldn't do it all by myself, so thank goodness for hubby! We have quite a dilema with our grass situation, and other horse owners will understand this, in that the ponies don't want to eat all the grass! They'll happily strip out the short sweet stuff, full of sugar and calories and ignore the long filling grass. This equals wrecked pasture and very fat ponies. Our solution is to restrict their grazing and feed them the long grass, cut with a scythe.

YOU CANNOT FEED HORSES OR PONIES GRASS CUT WITH A LAWNMOWER. I can't stress that enough, it will compact in their stomaches and kill them, which is why we do it this way.

I do have my own scythe, but apparently I'm 'a bit rubbish' with it, swinging madly like a real grim reaper, haha! So I'm relegated to following hubby, turning the grass daily until it dries out into hay. So we feed some of the grass newly cut, and let the rest dry out into lovely sweet smelling hay which they ponies will have in the Autumn.

There are days when I feel a bit like a pioneer woman!


Morning's Minion said...

Our dear old horse, Pebbles, has to be fed and pastured judiciously--she is greedy and gets ill if grass is too wet or sweet. Interesting that lawnmower cut grass should be a no-no.I suppose particularly if it is cut a bit wet it clumps [?]

Yarrow said...

That's it exactly, MM, if you squeeze mown grass in your hand it forms solid clumps and that's what happens in a horse's stomach. Not every time, admittedly, but it's just not worth the risk.

Thanks for dropping by :)