Monday, 14 June 2010

New Babies.

Far from being a restful weekend, my time was spent taking my duties as a chicken parent very seriously.
I had a call from a friend who is a rare breed poultry farmer. Her hens were ready to go and would I like to choose one before they went to Market. Would I ever???

Now I've had brown hens for about 6years, all of them rescue birds and thought that maybe one pretty indulgence would be ok. I knew what I wanted, a black rock hybrid. They aren't rare but they are gorgeous. Of course, on the way to their pen, I had to have a tour of the rare breeds!

I forget now what these are called, but they lay a very pretty blue egg. I was a little tempted.

These little Polands were amazing and Moomin has been lusting after them for a few years, since seeing them in a farming magazine. My friend offered me a pair at a ridiculously good price.

One of these black girls (the speckled one on the right, I think) and a cockerel for free.

This cockerel to be exact. He was stunningly beautiful, but squeeled and crowed constantly and would not have survived the home journey, he was already driving me bats. No wonder he was free, haha!

After a looooong time deciding, I actually came home with two chickens! It turned out to be a good idea as Mabel was FURIOUS, as you can see from her face here and the new girls had each other for protection (sort of!).

The black rock was instantly snaffled by the Moomin (typical!) and was promptly named Tiger Lilly. That left the silver sussex to name. I really struggled, but finally decided on Oona, it really suits her.

Tiger has a really gentle eye, which is why I chose her out of about 50 birds!

Ooona has pretty black speckles on her chest, which is why she was chosen, but thankfully, she seems to be very gentle too.

So my weekend was spent going to the field at first light and again at twilight to help them all settle together, in between I had to feed the ponies and family, pheweee!

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