Saturday, 24 July 2010


I'm constantly being distracted by this little hen. She's very demanding and wants constant cuddles. It's not just my shoulder she sits on, but my lap and arm. She sits like a huge black hawk, surveying the World below her, haha!

The inevitable 'accident' is bound to happen, and soon at this rate, hehe!


Ren said...

How very special to have a hen on your shoulder! She must like the world you see!! I agree though, a mishap is inevitable.... followed by a hot wash! Ren x

Tammie said...

I had no idea that hens could be like this. Such an amazing relationship.

Yarrow said...

To be fair, the other hens are a bit mean to her, so she does like a lot of reassurance Tammie. She will just leap and land in my arms, sooo funny :)

Old clothes, Ren, and yes hot water standing by, hehe!

Abi said...

But it'll be worth it eh! what an amazing hen :O)

Morning's Minion said...

What an appealing photo.
A new friend here has a rescued banty who is becoming a "pet." I have never gotten cuddly with hens--likely because when I used to try and gather eggs at the farm [usually done by M-I-L] I got sharply pecked.