Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Already!

I can't believe how the months are flying past. I'm becoming a master juggler at keeping everything going at the moment! Merlin has a major show on the 8th of August and has chosen now to stop lungeing, I have the main Exhibition for the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society to help organise at the end of August plus a couple of commissions to be getting on with in between, phewee!!! That's not taking into account my usual duties of looking after children, animals, house and garden!

To make a start I've decided to give the Studio an overhaul. The weather is good (still far too hot, actually) so I'll be getting the washing done while pulling everything in the Studio out onto the lawn and having a major de-clutter. There may be photos, depending on how ashamed I am of all the accumulated detritus!!!


Kim said...

Good luck on both counts, and no worries about the detritus! Just the leftovers of hard work!

Julia Kelly said...

good to hear what you are up to! Keep us updated.

Yarrow said...

A few exciting things brewing Julia :)