Saturday, 17 July 2010


Gosh, suddenly I find myself to be very busy. So much so that I actually had to print out a timetable of the work I need to get done, for commissions and the Exhibition that's coming up. Wow! This is great. I also need to updat the website, but after several hours digging at the field I find myself too tired to do it tonight. I've had a glass of whiskey and now I'm heading up the wooden hill (anyone else call it that?). So I bid you all a peaceful night filled with inspiration and dreams :)

A commision for the Eriskay Society and another private commission which I'll share when I have permission. Yippee!


rossichka said...

It's so nice that your work brings you delight! Then everything's possible and the fatigue is sweet... Good night!

Julia Kelly said...

"up the wooden hill"? Glad you have a good tired-from things to do- and love the pic of the horses munching away. be productive tomorrow.

Abi said...

Beautiful horses... congrats on the work schedule...that just shows how talented you are.
Tee hee... I haven't heard that expression since I left the UK.... I'm going to see if my US family have heard of it... although mostly, houses here are all one level!

Yarrow said...

Thanks for the support, lovely friends.

Yes Julia, the saying goes 'Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire'. It means going up the stairs (wooden hill) to bed! Daft, I know, but it's what my Dad used to say :)