Monday, 16 August 2010


Just lately I've felt the whispering touch of Autumns cool fingers. When I rise in the morning I reach now for a cardigan to throw over my shoulders and the windows stay tightly latched.
"Not yet," I whisper "it's still August, we're not ready for you." and today I was heard and the morning dawned warm and still and I think we have a few days of Summer yet to enjoy :)

I need a magical day today, a day to be Alice, to be a child again and lay beside a river, dreaming.


renilde said...

I feel the same Yarrow,need some more warm summerdays.Yesterday it has been raining here all day and tonight I woke up and it was still pouring,a real waterworld.The garden seems to be very happy,very green and still flourishing..
And there's always the hope for an indian summer ofcourse.
Wishing you a magical day!

Judy C said...

It's been so hot here it's hard to breathe. I am anxiously waiting for what you described. Please Autumn. Don't hesitate. We need you.

rossichka said...

What did you say - a cardigan?! We are burning here... We are having a very hot summer. For a second week the temperatures move between 95-104F, even the Black Sea water is hot - 86F!!! That's why I don't love Summer! My season is Spring, but I like Autumn as well. I like to have something warm and soft on my shoulders! Still I agree that it's early for low temperatures and rains, so I'm sending you some sun!!:-)

Yarrow said...

Renilde, our garden is green and lush again after the scorching weeks of early Summer.

Judy, our seasons seem to be all mixed up and arriving earlier each year!

Rossichka, yes, an actual cardigan, although not today :)

ruthie said...

Hasn't it come around so fast, i saw my first autumnal coloured leaves on the ground in the woods this week!!! I hope you found your alice time, we all need some of that x