Thursday, 12 August 2010

A few things.

During the holidays, the Moomin and I have been dogwalking for our friend the Woodelf. On one of our rambles we found a dragon's den. The scorched red earth was proof enough to us that this den was still inhabited and the dogs weren't keen to get too close either. We made our way quickly back to the path. I can see this den featuring in some future pictures.

Back at the Woodelf's home, I took some photos of this lovely chair by the blackened fire pit. Does the Woodelf sit here during the warm evenings, contemplating the dancing flames? You know, I've never asked her and I'm not sure why. Maybe my own imaginings are best left to roam free and wild as I make up stories about her mysterious life.

The watery painting is nearly complete and yesterday was spent finding the perfect frame and mount. I'd much rather just paint and leave the technical stuff to an assistant, haha.

I've added some more pictures to Merlin's blog, which you can check out here. I thought it was time I brought the blog up to date. There are quite a few changes about to happen to him, so I thought I'd share it all in the proper place.

Another piece of news is that my Son has set up his own blog to promote his art. He is a very talented lad and I'm so proud of him. He goes by the name of Magpie and I'll bring you more details when he's ready.


rossichka said...

Hello! What a nice post, full of good news! The dragon's den can make one's hair stand on end and that armchair is enveloped with mystery... There's so much magic, weaved in your culture, that is absent in ours and maybe that's why sounds so attractive and scaring at the same time!... I was so excited to have a look at Merlin's blog - he's just lovely and your family has that love for horses! I'm looking forward to your son's art and the framed drawing!
Did I understand correctly that you call your husband Moomin? So you love Tove Jansson? Then go and read my post, dedicated to her...:)

rossichka said...

Oh, and can I ask you something, please? When you have time, could you write down for me the words of the first song "We carry..."? I love it, sing it already, but can't understand everything. Thank you!

Julia Kelly said...

Glad to hear what you are up to and the pics are great!

Yarrow said...

Thank you for dropping by and for your lovely comments as always, dear friends :)