Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Magical day.

We did have such a lovely day yesterday and the weather was gorgeous. I tried to plan something that both children would like and think that I did actually manage it, although we're all very tired today.

We began our day with a visit to darling Toffee to see how is he is in his temporary home. I think he wanted to come home with us as he seemed a bit down, not long now though.

Next stop was Jane Austen's house in nearby Chawton. I had no idea that this house existed and the village was like a little time warp with cottages and stately houses that have surely featured in the many TV adaptations of her books.

I was stunned walking into this kitchen, it's almost an exact replica of my dear friend Bovey Belle's kitchen, but smaller and less homely than hers, oh and less cats, haha!

I loved this image from kitchen onto the garden, but the bright sunlight washed out some of the colours. It was very cool and quiet in the kitchen.

This was the drawing room where the family would retire after dinner, to sit and read or sew.

Jane lived here later in her life with just her Mother and Sister Cassandra. The house is quite large by todays standards, with guest bedrooms for visitors, but was considered to be just a cottage in Jane's time. It had it's own bakehouse set in fairly large gardens.

I did enjoy my visit,, but I felt that the children were a little overwhelmed by the other visitors and the shuffling around exhibits. None of us cope well in crowds. We did get a couple of moments to ourselves though and that's when the gentle atmosphere of the place could be felt.

An old Tavern in East Tisted provided lunch, which was fabulous and so worth it to hear the children giggling while trying to act mature! A tall order considering that I've never achieved it, haha!

Then, rather than reclining by a river, we went for a long walk through some amazing woods with views from the hangers down towards The Island, a place where some very wealthy people live in peaceful seclusion.

In a sunny glade atop the Shoulder of Mutton Hill, sits the Poets Stone, dedicated to Edward Thomas, who lived in nearby Steep. I am constantly reminded of what a wonderful and rich part of the country I live in. Also in this general location lived the Author Flora Thompson and the wonderful actor Alec Guinness.

Amid all the intellectual inspiration we found a rope swing!

Old Earth bones and tree bones lay all around an ancient dell. This one had claw marks on it as it lay beside a deep, deep hole. Homes to badgers and nearby a shy stepping deer peered at me between branches before leaping away down a treacherous slope to his mother.

Moomin posed for some future paintings, bless her :)

This one reminds me of Peter Pan :)

Today, some quiet baking and much needed house tidying. Have a happy day all :)


rossichka said...

Hello! You spent the sunny day in a lovely way! What an interesting region you are living in! Your children must be happy! When I was in 10th or 11th grade at the English Language School in my town, we studied "Pride and Prejudice". It was wonderful to have a glimpse now on the house, where Jane Austen lived! Thank you for that nice story in pictures!

Tammie Lee said...

this sounds like a perfectly wonderful day~

Yarrow said...

It was a great day, Tammie and glad you enjoyed the Jane Austen bit, Rossichka :)

Bovey Belle said...

Yup - not dis-similar to my kitchen, only more brick! I visited here many many years ago now and loved the house. Walking in the beech hangers took me back to 1971 when I worked in that area and we used to go riding through the woods with hillsides which dropped steeply away below us. Magic.

Morning's Minion said...

I particularly enjoyed this post. Wouldn't it be interesting to trace the route that Flora Thompson's "Laura" walked on her postal rounds?