Saturday, 7 August 2010

Merlin's Day Out.

We had such a great time at our show today. Merlin behaved so well. He was totally overwhelmed by the journey in the trailer, all of the horses around him and my jangling nerves. He coped so well. He was a little lively and occasionally a bit of a pickle but as soon as we got into the ring, he knew exactly what to do and his confidence took over and gave me the courage to deal with my nerves.

Our first class was 'in-hand pony' and he behaved so well, despite wanting to make friends with a couple of mares. We were marked down to 3rd because he was stiff on his back leg (from kicking the box door for 20 odd miles, I guess!), but I was still more than pleased with his performance, and at least this year no geldings were in danger of a rude shock!

However, our triumph was in the 'handy pony' class, where we won on speed and completion of the course. We flew around and I could barely catch my breath afterwards.

I have to thank my dear friend Lisa for these lovely pictures. She really captured our mood.

It was team work all the way, and I can't thank my hubby enough for his time and energy. He was such a great help and so were both of my children. Thanks guys.x

I'm waiting for more pictures from hubby's camera and there may even be a movie, but I've got to watch it first in case you can see me puffing for breath, haha!


rossichka said...

Congratulations for both of you and your family! What a great news! And wonderful photos with such energy and mood... There's obviously a connection between you and Merlin!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, and yes, we are pretty close :)

Captain Shagrat said...

You all obviously had a brilliant day, well done

Yarrow said...

Thank you Captain S. We did and I'm sure there may be a few more posts yet :)

Bovey Belle said...

Oh well done, especially winning your handy pony class. I'm glad he behaved himself and hope he passes his stallion assessment this time too.

Yarrow said...

Thanks BB, I hopr do too, and yes, he was a little star. A complete crowd pleaser!!!