Wednesday, 4 August 2010

We took time out.

Moomin and I took one of our trips out last week and found ourselves at Hayling Island. Normally we avoid the Island in the Summer as it can take over an hour to negotiate the heavy traffic and crowds of beach goers. However, we made a discovery. When the sky is overcast, the Island is empty, Yaaay!

The weather was a little grim and we did get rained on, but the sea was like bath water, so we may well be going back today as there is rain forecast! I know, we're a funny bunch!!!

A few days ago we took another trip to Winchester. I have to admit that this is probably one of my favourite cities. I hate crowds and traffic (and most shops!) and so generally avoid cities as much as possible. Winchester, however has the river, which is such a soothing balm when I start to feel hemmed in and I seem to be drawn so much to water lately.

I took lots of reference photos as I want to do some watery paintings. I have a hankering to do something in the style of Ophelia Drowing by John Millais, especially after watching my Desperate Romantics DVD :)

And there among the reeds we found a little water rat, feasting on the soggy bread thrown in for the ducks. He was very cute and greatly appreciated our little pieces of pitta bread :)


rossichka said...

A nice story about a lovely journey! I always enjoy looking at unknown and beautiful places around the world! I like the beach and the river - they both look so calm and quiet... My family hates crowds, too. That's why we love to visit in summer a small village with nearly desert beaches on our Black Sea coast.

Yarrow said...

Oh that sounds wonderful to me, Rossichka and thank you for visiting :)