Thursday, 9 September 2010

The getaway.

What's the antidote to a little artistic stress? An escape of course, or an Artist's Date as described in the Artist's Way. I needed to walk the Woodelf's dogs again and so it was a great way to lose myself in the woods without feeling vulnerable.

We walked through groves of beech trees, silent and spooky.

With hushed footsteps among the whispering leaves along new and unfamiliar paths. Suddenly one dog refused to go forward, with growls and dragging feet she was pulled in my wake, her brother falling into step beside her. I wasn't filled with confidence as obviously I'd be the first eaten by the wolf or bear hiding in the undergrowth. Just as suddenly they perked up and ran in front of me. We were on the way home!

Down yet another unfamiliar path I was brought up short by this stunningly beautiful scene. Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

I could feel the magic in the air as my skin prickled and both dogs were happy to lounge about as I took these pictures.

This is my favourite :D

A dog pulled and the camera jogged, surrounding us with danceing faeries :D

A faery gift? On the path this gorgeous slice of cedar. It looked like a piece of the moon, fallen to Earth and waiting to be painted on.

A much needed break and my Muse is now content.


rossichka said...

I suppose that the necessity of break was a necessity of inspiration! And how nice that you found it!... And oh, these fairies! Maybe THEY have led you to these unknown and magical places?:-)The beautiful mushrooms show that there's life in the wood... Did you pick and cook them or they were poisonous? Excuse me for my silence,please, but I've been quite busy lately with the festival that I took part in and the rehearsals I have these days... Thank you once again for your support!:)x

Yarrow said...

How funny, every time I think of you, you pop up. Maybe a little magic has found it's way to you :D

The mushrooms are Fly Agaric and can be quite toxic if consumed raw. Some druids used to dry them and consume in a drink or smoke them in a pipe. It's really not recommended though as they can make you pretty ill.

renilde said...

Looks so beautiful over there where you live.
And a break,breathing some fresh air,letting nature's magic clear your head get things flowing again,that usually works for me too.

Ren said...

A fairy ring... hope you didnt step inside! x

Tammie said...

such a wonderful walk and those mushrooms are gorgeous and magically (literally, I believe, but don't take my word on that!).

Yarrow said...

I certainly did Ren, but was rejected, haha!

Yes Tammie, magic and toxic :D