Thursday, 30 September 2010


Finally my health is improving and I feel the return of good health, therefore, I will also be returning to the Studio today. I have missed it soooo much and have been quite crabby :D

Also, the beautiful Nonie will be returning to her home and family. Merlin will miss her very much I'm sure but we are desperate now to have our darling Toffee back with us. Hopefully their union has been successful and next year will see a mini-Merlin entering the World.

But for now I need to wash chicken poo out of my hair before work begins - don't ask me, it's too embarrassing!!!


Ren said...

Yuk...! Having a bird mess on your head is apparently very good luck, even if it doesnt feel like it! Have a wonderful time in your retreat, Ren x

a mermaids purse said...

awwwww sweet- a mini merlin what a dream x
love the photo ;0)
hehe i love the chic poo! i usually have sophs bits of dinner n play dough in mine! hehe x

Yarrow said...

Haha! No birds were harmed in the making of the mess, I just walked into something I shouldn't while cleaning out the hen house!!!

rossichka said...

Hello, I'm glad you are feeling healthy now! And life goes on with all its beautiful moments waiting for you! It's so exciting to expect a baby-horse, I suppose! I know you'll share with us this special moment when it comes!
Now I have to leave because... my dentist is waiting for me! I'm not in a hurry, you know, but I must go! I hope this visit to be the last one!!Ooooh! :(

Kiki said...

Wonderful..happy to hear you are feeling better! have a sparkling day!

Yarrow said...

Oooh, Rossichka, I'd be dragging my feet too, good luck.x

Thank you Victoria, it is kind of sparkly :D