Saturday, 18 September 2010


Last week I finally managed to escape to my own special woods. What makes this wood so special is that half way through there's a beautiful view across the fields to my home and it means that we can walk or cycle there in almost no time at all. The woods here are young, although there are a couple of tree specimens that date back to Saxon times, I've been told, so this area has always been covered in woodland, just not a great deal of it remains.

From gnarly fallen trees,

to vine covered fairy homes we explored, the Moomin and I.

Then back home to paint up some wooden slices from our hawthorn hedge at the field. I feel the stirrings of fairies, but also want to indulge in some Autumn pictures. What will actually go onto these little slices is anyone's guess. I want to make them special though, as I only have a very few of these pieces.

More trees, only this time, these are back from the printer. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. The colours are gorgeous, although the pictures don't do them justice. I don't mind that though, as I'm a tad bothered by copyright again these days!

I'm also very pleased with my two fantasy horse cards. I'm going to be putting a few of these in the Etsy shop, but soon I'll be dipping my toes with the shop on my website, so that should be interesting!


rossichka said...

What a magical wood you are living close to! I just try to imagine how it looks like in Autumn...I see for the first time trees, drawn by you and I am very much impresed. Wonderful cards! By the way, some days ago I found and kept three pieces of wood, following my impulse to draw something on them!! Even yesterday I consulted the artist of the puppet theatre about the most suitable paints to use... But whatever I do, I'll do it for myself, 'cause I'm an amateur. What will YOU do - that is interesting and I'm sure we'll all like it...:-)

Sara said...

Such beauty in those woods. Just thought I would pop over and visit... you have a lovely blog. And I love the music... I may stay awhile just to listen. :)

Yarrow said...

I use acrylics on wood, Rossichka, and I think you'll create something beautiful :D

Thank you for visiting Sara, I always enjoy meeting new bloggers :D

rossichka said...

Yes, my friend - the puppet master said the same, but maybe I'll make my first attempt with the oil paints that I have. Will that be a great mistake??

Tammie Lee said...

It looks as though you had a wonderful walk. Your fantasy horses are wonderfully enticing!

Kim said...

Oh Kim these are lovely! I have been so busy lately I haven't visited, and have missed seeing your beautiful work and fairie woods!