Friday, 3 September 2010

Work and play.

Refilling the creative well is just as important as sitting down and doing the graft. In this spirit we took the Woodelf's dogs and went for a very long walk in the woods around her home.

Through groves of towering chestnuts, silent and gently swaying.

We took pictures of the dogs with a new commission lined up, but it was quickly evident that one was a bit of a Diva and appeared in most of the pictures, haha!

Back home I had a massive clear out of the studio and what a huge amount of junk there was, mostly boxes and packing stuff for the ceramics. See how small my garden actually is?

This is a vast improvement! From left to right, ceramic glazes, bottom shelf my wooden blocks for painting and the rh bookcase is full of clay and slips plus the moongazing hare that's still waiting to be fired and my unfinished self portrait.

Back up a bit and you can see my canvases and boxes of paints and pastels. The blanket on the chair is a bit cat hairy thanks to little Arnold cat sneaking in whenever he can :D

I found quite a few surprises in some of the boxes, including these two dragons that I'd forgotten all about. This guy has the original sunburst eyes,

and this one has a bit of a cheeky look that I tried out on only a few of my dragons. They may be for sale at some point!

I so love my Studio and it's now such a peaceful and relatively uncluttered space that I can work in and once the roof is fixed I'm hoping I can work out there longer into the Winter this year.


Tammie said...

congratulations on your un-cluttering!
your walk sounds like a grand idea, I think I will head out now.

Yarrow said...

Hi Tammie enjoy your walk :D

Ginny said...

Love your dragons