Sunday, 3 October 2010

Catching up.

I have such a lot of artwork to catch up on and as the wind is hurling heavy water at the windows, it feels like a day to snuggle up in the lounge with my sketchpad and pastels.

This is just a fun drawing I made from the trailer for a new Ramone Bosco movie. It's just my kind of weird and wonderful.

It's not a faithful copy, just my version. I love the idea of these odd little characters on a bridge. I can feel more ideas stirring just from this one image and as Halloween is well on it's way,I'd like to get some prints and felted creatures in the Etsy shop soon.

For a complete change last night, we switched off all electrical appliances and had a technology free evening. It was a great experience and interesting to see how each of us dealt with it. With more planning and forethought, we may do it again. It was inspired by Rhonda Jean of Down to Earth. Please pay her a visit, her blog is amazing.


rossichka said...

I like your odd creatures walking on the bridge! The whole drawing is amazing and weird! Please, follow your impulse, listen to the "stirring" ideas and... draw!
An evening without electricity is something for which a family must be prepared beforehand in order to feel pleasure, not discomfort. I believe it was romantic, silent and... different night! Maybe we'll choose a winter evening to spend on candles, around the fireplace!...
I wish you success with everything you do!:-)

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, you are so kind and sweet :D