Friday, 8 October 2010


Wow! What a great word Drempang is. It was the word verification on a blog I posted on today and has filled my head with ideas for a Halloween piece. A doll, a painting or maybe a spooky place. Stay tuned, I have to complete this today, so I'm heading to the Studio to see what lurks there :D

Edited to add:

Well, this is the little guy I found out there, but he seems way too cute to be Drempang! What do you think???

His creation began over a year ago, and he's been naked and unformed since then. Until today. He is loosely based on the Moomin's Hamster and so is a Vampster, although at some point he's lost a fang!!! His eyes are the result of leaving a set too long in the oven, creating a burnt and bloodshot efect. He's also waiting for his feet!!!

As I've got to create some feet, I may well create some more heads and limbs and see what happens. This is very exciting and if he proves popular, then Vampster and his family may well end up in the Etsy shop :D

Please let me know what you think of my creations, all comments are very welcome :D


renilde said...

I love to see your Drempang! You made me curious allright:)

mentalmulch said...

Oh the Vampster is so cool and cute! Drempang...sounds very interesting. I'm always writing down the word verifications when I leave comments....some of them are very funny and weird. One day I'm going to do a post and list all of them. Keep us posted with Drempang.

Tammie said...

a wild whacky creative creature, perfect for the season that fills our days and nights~

Yarrow said...

Thank you ladies, more creations are on their way :D

rossichka said...

This little creature is so helpless, but waiting with trust for your help to become "truly" alive! I'm curious tou see his family!:-)