Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rainy days and lists.

The constant and very heavy rain of the last few days have driven me inside to work. My poor studio is such a leaky vessel that I'm thinking of renaming it the Leaky Cauldron! Or, and readers of Terry Pratchett would appreciate this, the 'Broken Drum'!!! Either way, the poor structure may limp it's way through another season or two but few more! As it is at the moment, my shelves are giving one wall stability and stopping the rain from reaching me from that side.

I must point out that it wasn't an expensive structure, but was bought wholly with the proceeds of a pretty good Exhibition one year and so means a lot to me. The roof will be repaired in the next few days, so at least I'll not feel like I'm sitting under a sieve, haha!

I have lots of lists to write, plans and timetables, commissions and their priorities. First though, I have some fun little Halloween pictures to work on and get in the Etsy shop. I've had some inspiring ideas in the dark quiet moments of the wakeful nights and I need to put them to good use.

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rossichka said...

I hope the rain will stop for a while, so that you roof could be repaired in the proper way! Well, maybe you've spent some tense moments in your studio, but if you put aside your worries, it must have been a little bit romantic!:) I hope you'll get ready with all the work you have to do on time and then you'll have the rest you deserve...