Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wonderful news :D

This is just the best news since Merlin was granted his Stallion licence!

Tonight I had a call from Nonie's owner. Nonie was the beautiful Eriskay mare that stayed with us for the Summer. It would seem that Merlin is going to be a Daddy :D
Nonie's foal is due in July which means that she fell pregnant almost immediately after arriving! So despite only being a little chap, Merlin has what it takes to support the Society's breeding program, yaay!

Well done little fella :D


rossichka said...

How exciting! I've never had such experience and never will... How much tenderness in this photo!

Simone said...

Hello Yarrow! Now I have discovered your other blog too! Congratulations to the daddy. He is so handsome. x

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, it's very exciting for us and something we've never done before. I hope I can be involved with Nonie's progress and share it here.

Thanks Simone, Merlin is totally non-plussed by events and sooo mellow :D

Abi said...

FANTASTIC! congratulations guys.. how very exciting!!