Sunday, 7 November 2010

Autumn fire.

In between working on commissions, I've started on a painting for myself inspired by the gorgeous flaming Autumn leaves. The animal has had several incarnations, starting out as a hare, becoming a deer, coyote and wolf before finally settling as a Dragon. Maybe I should call it Morph!!!

Finally the website is almost back to how it was. It's not perfect, but considering the hours I've spent dredging up photos and adding copyright to them all, I'm half way pleased!


ruthie said...

oooh, this piece is looking gorgeous already, love the composition and i looove dragons! Pesky websites, they do take up so much time dont they! It is looking fab, and i love the wording on your home page x

rossichka said...

The theme of Magics is obviously stronger than the others, so that's why the Dragon won! There's already a mood in your drawing... I like your website and "the studio" at most! You draw horses so well simply because you LOVE them!:)

pattypan.2 said...

Looks a lovely piece of work in progress look forward to seeing the finished result.

As an aside I have nominated you for a lovely blog award. If you check out my blog at tarragonnthyme.blogspot you will find the details.

Take care

Tricia (aka pattypan)


Yarrow said...

Thank you dear friends for such kind comments :D

Lovely to see you here, Tricia :D

Tammie said...

oh, this is wonderful! I love that the animal has changed so many times!