Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Standing under the early morning sky, stars all around me like frost chips and the grass crisp under my sheepskin slippers I looked around for my inspiration, but she had fled. The puppy snuffles the cold grass and rummages in the hedge while I wait in the precious silence. I don't hurry him as I love the stillness, the waiting as the cold seeps through my jumper and into my nightie, the moment before the World awakes. Usually the magic stirs my muse and I hurry to my paints, but not today, not this week.
This week I'll take a few days out, do some housework and walk the puppy. I've deadlines galloping towards me, but the work will go all the faster for a break. That's what I'm hoping anyway!!!


Kadeeae said...

For me, time away from anything tends to refresh it when I do get back to it. Hope it works the same for you :)

Tammie said...

there is a art to knowing when to rest~
you are an artist, your muse will be back.

rossichka said...

I don't know the moment "before the World awakes". I'm an Owl, not a Lark if we assume that people can be divided in these two groups. My time are the hours after midnight and I can't change that! I saw what I miss early in the morning, so THANK YOU for the beautiful story about the beginning of your day. I imagined all the details and I don't wonder at all that your inspiration is somewhere there. When you get your rest, your muse will appear again, more beautiful than ever!xx

Fleur said...

i saw your art; sich nice things!
and what a nice text, makes me think of things in life.

Yarrow said...

Thank you for your lovely comments, friends and thank you for visiting :D