Monday, 22 November 2010

Shoes for a Dragon rider!

Wow! The puppy is growing so quickly and we can see a difference weekly. He's been walking now for a week and today we met a whole heap of new dogs. It was just too exciting for him and he was sorely in need of a cuddle and a sleep.

I managed to get more painting done whilst pup slept and it was such a productive day. I love the way this picture is painting itself!!!

Also, a truly wonderful surprise arrived in the post! A very long time ago, I set my heart on a pair of magical shoes. I saved and went without a few things, the pennies added up! I placed a suggestion a few weeks ago on the Fairysteps site. So quickly my suggestion became a reality and my shoes took form. They arrived a scant few days after I paid and they felt like gossamer wings on my feet. Hermes could not have worn a better pair :D

Thank you Ren from the bottom of my sole :D These shoes are just too special. I feel like creating beautiful art when they are on my feet and I want to fly around the room too, haha! They are truly shoes for a Dragonrider :D


Tammie said...

shoes and art... all so very wonderful!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Tammie :D

Ren said...

They look fantastic on you!!! Glad you are chuffed with them! Make sure that when you buy the dragon you co-ordinate colours... Its so important not to clash when youre dragon riding!
Happy painting Kim! And another big thank you for your support, Ren xx

rossichka said...

What a sweet puppy! We had a dog, so I know how thrilling is when he discovers the World! Your daughter is very beautiful and I see a resemblance between her and the girl from your painting... It's already looking great!
I have never seen magical shoes before, nor have ever suggested their existence in the Real World.:)) They look soft and comfortable. It' so nice that you love them and feel inspiration when they warm your feet. Greetings from me in a rainy day, Kim!x

SaraLynn said...

Oh, this dragon painting is really coming along! How beautiful!

Also, what awesome shoes! I don't think I've ever seen a pair like that.