Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wise words indeed.

If you have the time, please drop in to visit Rima at The Hermitage. She has had an issue with one of her commissioned paintings and explains more eloquently than I could, the dilemas of working directly for customers. It's a very interesting post and one that will stay with me all day as I potter about my studio, finishing off and then preparing my next pieces.

Several times I've had similar experiences to hers, and each time I've handled them differently. The clearest point Rima makes is that neither the Artist nor the Commissioner can know exactly how a painting or sculpture will turn out as we are at the whim of so many external forces. From physical properties that change paint and clay, to the mood of the Artist on the day of creation and lets not forget our tricksy muses who love to sprinkle their influence like fairy dust.

So when you commission a piece of work, it's good to remember that you are buying so much more than paint on paper or clay. You are buying time, effort and often a piece of the Artist themselves.


renilde said...

Wow, you have changed the lay-out of your blog, looks realy good.
I read Rima's post, indeed something to think about. And you are right about buying a piece of the artist themselves, that's why you choose a particular artist I think,to see and feel his or her soul and imagination in a work. An artist needs a certain freedom to create something realy good.

Yarrow said...

I couldn't agree more Renilde :D

Not sure how I feel about the layout, it may grow on me, or not, haha!

ruthie said...

I read Rimas post too, my heart ached for her. I so agree, it is buying a piece of the artist, and should be sonsidered when commissioning a piece! i cant imagine how it must feel for a customer to ask for their money back after you had poured your heart & soul into a piece. I love the blog layout. x