Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas and Art Swap.


It's been so crazy hectic here lately that this is the first chance I've had to sit and compose a full post!

The Christmas card print was finished last week and I managed to send a few out to people, but the printer decided it didn't like the new card and the print quality was pretty poor. I'm waiting instead for a batch to be printed 'properly' by the print company I sometimes use. Their quality is good, but the prices are a little high, so that's a job for the new year, checking print companies.

The quality of the large prints is perfect, so I've popped a couple in the Etsy shop here.

My little fairy doll that I made last year survived her 12months in the loft and sits happily atop the tree, safe from sharp puppy teeth! He has actually been very good and the tree has only toppled once and there were actually two suspects for that occassion!

My handmade gingham hearts look so sweet beside the glass baubles and the little wooden fairies have been with me for over 20years and I love how they've lasted. They cost me £10.00 back then and I worried about the expense, but they've been more than worth the cost. When I first started work, I was earning £50.00 a week!

I didn't decorate very much other than the tree this year, although I dearly wanted my home to look like Kirsty Allsops. It just wasn't practical though, with the puppy growing tall enough to reach most decorations and being crazy enough to jump for those he couldn't reach!

I did get to make some gifts though and my cherry shortbread was very popular but my cranberry and wine preserve is yet to be sampled.
The perfect rag doll for a dear little girl, became something of a quest as I just couldn't find one that 'felt' right. Eventually I decided to make one for her.

I'm quite pleased with how she turned out, as this is only my third fabric doll. I'm learning quickly though and any mistakes were completely new ones :D Moomin fell in love with her and was quite sad when I wrapped her up.

On now to another doll. A couple of months ago I entered an Art Swap over at Spiffy Tomatoes blog. I had to send one of my pieces of art to Spiffy and Roxanne of Mentalmulch sent a piece to me. I wasn't prepared for the wonderful gift of this darling little doll, Veronica.

She's so pretty and fits in perfectly on my doll shelf, although Little Audrey (sat behind her) isn't too chuffed at having to share her shelf!!!

Thank you so much Roxanne, she's beautiful and I'm so thrilled.

I hope everyone in Blogland has had a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings prosperity and an abundance of love and goodwill.


rossichka said...

Dear Kimberley, it was so interesting to follow your Christmas story! Thank you for sharing it! I like the card - it's somehow magical! And how nice - to send a doll and receive another one, so that her absence couldn't be felt! The doll on the top of the tree and the heart decorations are very sweet! I'm sure you've had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you and your family lovely winter holidays and a Happy New Year! We had a very warm and sunny Christmas, but today it's snowing again...:( Hugs!xx

renilde said...

Hello Yarrow, I can see and read you have been busy. The doll you made looks beautiful, I like her face ( a wise, little bit shy expression), she's a character and I suppose that's what's a doll about.

Wishing you Happy holidays and lots of creative days, x renilde

Julia Kelly said...

I love your doll with the pony tails! We wire the top of our tree to the wall- with 200 pounds of dog running around the living room!

Yarrow said...

Hey Julia, what a great idea. I may do that next year :D

Merry Christmas Renilde and Rossichka thank you for visiting and New Year blessings to you all.x

Abi said...

How do you manage to run two blogs! I can't keeo up with one!
Love the new print - it's magical. The dollys are super cute too!

Kadeeae said...

I have to say that I was one of the lucky recipients of the Christmas card (due to an Etsy purchase from you) and thought it was just lovely, really :)

Yarrow said...

Glad you like it Kadeeae :D

Abi, sometimes I cheat and post the same thing on each!!!