Thursday, 16 December 2010

Living with the Trolls.

That's how it's felt here at Oakmoon Towers. I've barely had time to pick up a cloth or do any hoovering as I've been hunched over my paintings like some grumpy old troll. The migraine hasn't sweetened my mood at all, but yesterday saw a breakthrough and it all began to feel better.

The painting is finished now (I think) and I took time out to have a jolly good clear out. I also discovered that a warm hairdryer administered by my hairdresser eased my migraine wonderfully. Sadly it also means that now my hair is way too short and I'm regretting it's loss!

On a positive note, after two days of being extremely unwell with a raging temperature and a mysterious illness, the pup is now on the mend and is back to being very naughty. Thank the stars for that as naughty is far better than worrisome!!!

I also have a wonderful surprise to share, something that came in the post. I'll take pictures later and share my little delight :D


Kadeeae said...

So glad both you and the pup are on the 'mend' :)

Nan and =^..^= said...

Congratulations on finishing the portrait! I know that feeling and hope you can breathe a sigh of relief and with that the migraine will totally disappear! So glad your pup is doing better!
Take good care!

Abi said...

Gosh - I had lots of catching up to do! manchee is adorable.. the paintings are all fantastic - each and every one. It sounds like you are put under alot of pressure with the portraits. Perhaps you are your own worst critic? I know I am!
The snow looks wonderful and I do hope that migraine has shifted.
Hope you get time to relax over Christmas....

Yarrow said...

Thank you for dropping in dear friends, I'll be visiting later to wish you all Seasons greetings :D

Kim said...

Oh Kim, glad you're better, and the pup too. I hope your solstice was a merry one.... did you see any of the eclipse? I got up for it, and it was awesome! And you are no old troll!