Tuesday, 14 December 2010


The last few days have been an incredible struggle. These two gorgeous mare have given me such a headache, literally and now my blurry vision is announcing the return of a migraine that's plagued me for days!!!

The picture looks fine here, but up close, it's not something I'm happy with. This is portrait attempt no.2 and I've a feeling there may be a no.3 on it's way! I'm not sure why it's given me such troubles, but it could be because these lovely girls have such complex colours in their coats.

I'll let my head clear and look at this again in the morning. At least I get to cuddle on the sofa with the pup now :D


rossichka said...

I can't believe my eyes - what beauty! I have the feeling the horses are breathing! You've been truly inspired! This is my favourite painting of yours up so far. You cannot imagine how much I like it!!

rossichka said...

Oh, I somehow missed the first part of your post... Maybe the painting grabbed my attention and I read only what's written below it. How strange! What a huge difference between your feelings and my perceptions.But there're no traces of your struggle... At least I cannot see them and I continue to admire this couple!

Julia Kelly said...

I think it is going to be a very nice pic of your horses- their heads are fantastic- I think it gets "wonky" in their necks- something is happening where the horse in back neck, looks like it is in front - the line under the front horse jaw isn't quite right- and that light spot also adds to the illusion that the back horse's neck is in front-
only offers this in sometimes a fresh eye- sees something new-
maybe put it away for a week or something and then coming back you will see what isn't apperent right now- have you sketched your new puppy?

renilde said...

Dear Yarrow, I know the feeling. When a work doesn't satisfy put it away for awhile .When your head is cleared look again and again. The thing is these works that give you a headache are often the ones that alsoo give the opportunity to learn and experiment.Dark colors can be tricky but you will work it out,good luck. x renilde

Yarrow said...

Rossichka, thank you so much my dear. I'm glad you have such strong feelings, it's so encouraging :D

Julia, wow, thank you for that insight. Maybe that's why I feel it's 'off'.

Renilde, yes, I'm walking away for a day or two :D

Tammie Lee said...

This piece is wonderful, so much spirit in their portraits. Yes, take a break, begin new, or see this one differently. I am sure you are learning and I can only imagine that someone will snatch this one up!
Wishing you no headache!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Tammie, it's a commission, so it needs to be right!!!

Morning's Minion said...

I have no skills in art, but think that the horses have lovely and appealing faces. So often walking away from a troublling project does bring a better insight.
Migraines are a horrible experience. I do think that prolonged hovering over a sewing or crafting project can be one of the "triggers".