Monday, 26 April 2010

Mirrors of the Soul.

For a complete change, I dug out my pastels and began a new series of pictures. I'm so pleased with how they have turned out, although I may yet make a few changes before they are done. Pastels were my first love and getting out my drawing box was like slipping into a comfy jumper as my fingers worked quickly, sketching and smudging and dabbing on little highlights.

The problem with pastels was that I was too familiar with it. I began to get stale as I took it for granted. Now after a 3year break I found the fun again.

This series will be concentrating on the eyes, of animals and people.

Here is Toffee, and already I can see some changes that need to be made.

My cheeky little Merlin. This is one of his favourite poses. He gazes so deeply into my eyes, I could drown in those deep pools of knowing.

Merlin again, focusing elsewhere and I'm released from his spell.

Here is the original photo of Merlin's beautiful eye. I've never known a horse or pony with such dark eyes :)

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sewing Sunday.

Ren over at Fairysteps has started a Sewing Sunday Flicker group and today I'm going to join in. Before I get started on my lovely (and expensive) linen skirt, I'm going to have a play with this pretty cotton lawn that was an Ebay bargain.

It was a lttle too bright and new looking, so I gave it a good soak in some strong tea. It's not as dark as I would like, but it's a little muted now and that's fine.

I've cut out a simple A line shape and will sew this up later today after ponies are fed and housework tackled. Pictures of my progress to follow.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Tia Dalma.

As often happens, when I have a list of paintings to be getting on with, I go and finish something else instead!

The Tia Dalma doll is one of those projects. She's an Art Doll and is my third venture into the World of doll making, for more information about Art Doll's, here is a good link . She's been nagging at me for ages and today I just needed to complete her. So from the start to finish, here is her story.

She is the doll on the far left, and with that countenance she was never going to be a delicate beauty!

Her make up and tatoos give her a little depth, but she's still a force to be reckoned with. Ooops, this is quite a close up of her, ummm ribs!

Her dignity is getting a little covered as her corset is finished and her bustle (on the right) is stitched and stuffed.

Next came the underskirt

and finally her overskirt and bustle are stitched in place. I love the scarey shadows in this picture.

A couple of pearls in her hair and on her necklace and she's finished.

For now she shares the unit in the kitchen with Little Audrey.

She's easily my favourite doll so far, but who knows, maybe the next one will take over that position. Who shall I make next, Elizabeth Swan or one of my Holywood gals?

Sooner or later I'm going to have to make some to sell or I'll be overun with these lovelies!

Busy, busy, busy!

It's been a very hectic couple of weeks and I'm afraid I've little to show for it! The self portrait has been taking far too long and so has been put aside again for a little while. I've been weeding the neglected vegetable beds at the field as well as putting some time into our little stallion, Merlin.
I had to wash his mane so that he can get used to the idea of an all over bath. It's fair to say he doesn't enjoy this kind of activity very much at all! He didn't stay clean for long either!!!

I have a looong list of work to get done for a Rare Breeds show that I'm going to in a couple of weeks and I've also been trying out a couple of on line printers to see which ones produce the best copies of my work at the most reasonable prices. Something that I have learned from this is to check the print sizes before submitting the order!

So for now I'm going to start some sketches of goats and sheep and a couple of other Eriskay ponies as well as a wonderful Fell stallion that I'm lucky enough to know. It should be interesting here in the next few days.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I am in the Studio.

Oh Yes I Am :)

It was so great being back in the Studio that I even made a new sign to hang on the gate. It's rare that we have visitors, but you can bet that they'll arrive when I'm ensconced in the Studio and unable to hear the doorbell. Until today I had a little paper sign blue tacked to the front door, but now I have this, a much better one to go with the little brass bell I found in a junk shop.

I do resent having to share my space with children of Shelob though! During my Spring clean I found enough tangled cobwebs to feature in an Indiana Jones movie! Then as I unfurled my muslin curtain I found the creator! She was a big and scarey Mama. I ignored her and after a while she vanished, thank goodness!

Darling Son took a picture of me painting, and tried so hard to make me giggle :)

It's strange, looking at me painting a picture of me! I can see now all the things I need to change about this picture, but for now I'll be concentrating on the background, otherwise I'll never progress beyond changing my nose or mouth!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter to you all.

I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of goodies :)

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter hols and the Creative Butterfly.

YAAAY, the hols are now with us and it would seem that I have more time to do what I love best, creating art, or do I?

The next two weeks will be filled to the brim with de-cluttering some very dodgy areas in the house, digging and weeding the vegetable beds at the field and getting a saddle on Merlin. I've enlisted the children to help, but unfortunately they're now at an age where they want payment. Praise and respect just don't cut it with them now, they want to see the colour of the folding stuff or the little mercenaries walk :) Of course though, they are still of an age to expect an Easter Egg Hunt, so I do have a little bargaining power left!!!

Being something of a creative butterfly, I tend to flit from one activity to another. I think the constant change helps to keep my ideas fresh and it seems to be quite common among artists that they like to have several projects on the go at once!

I've been knitting again lately and inspired by Stephanie's fingerless Alice gloves, I've made these little granny gloves for my daughter, the Moomin. I wanted to use the Rowan kidsilk that Stephanie did, but these gloves need to be tough for my girly tomboy! When the other one is knitted and both are stitched, I'll show you a picture of them as worn (probably to the field as she likes to be stylish at all times!)

So from knitting to painting, the butterfly flits. Ceramic dragons have taken a rest

as have little clay pigs. I must make some more of these as I'd forgotten how adorable they were :)

I've also had a rest from needlefelting, but feel my fingers twitching to get back to it.
This little guy was based on Merlin and he sold at an exhibition along with his

fair maiden. They proved to be very popular!

Many of my projects are seasonal, as it's often far too cold to do the sculpting during the Winter months, even in the kitchen. That's when I reach for the comfort of the wool based crafts, also, it's easier to work at these in the lounge before the fire!

When I get out to the Studio, the smell of the clay and paint lure me in to tackle the sculptures and I can feel the pull getting stronger, despite the constant rain. Soon, I'll be trotting across the lawn with a flask and hot water bottle and playing with thick sticky clay and getting generally very mucky indeed! But not today ;)