Thursday, 30 September 2010


Finally my health is improving and I feel the return of good health, therefore, I will also be returning to the Studio today. I have missed it soooo much and have been quite crabby :D

Also, the beautiful Nonie will be returning to her home and family. Merlin will miss her very much I'm sure but we are desperate now to have our darling Toffee back with us. Hopefully their union has been successful and next year will see a mini-Merlin entering the World.

But for now I need to wash chicken poo out of my hair before work begins - don't ask me, it's too embarrassing!!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Poorly bunny.

That's what I've been this week. Not a lot of art has been happening here and that's just typical - I make a pledge to do something daily and then life steps in and says 'maybe not!'

I've been very kind to myself and have been resting. A burst of energy earlier was only short lived and now I'm back in bed. It's only a cold, but a real hummdinger that's knocked me right off my feet.

On a lighter note, Merlin has some good news. I'll be posting about it tomorrow on his blog, which is here .

Have a good weekend all and I hope to be feeling creative again real soon :D

Sunday, 19 September 2010


My little Zebrasus. I'm so in love with this little guy :D

He's in the Etsy shop here.....

A sketch a day.

I've set myself a task of completing a sketch a day. I hope some of them will be good enough to go onto cards or prints as they are, as I do love sketching. It can produce some pleasing effects. The picture above is the start of my latest portrait. Three other subjects need to be included and that's causing a few layout issues, but I'll get there in the end :D

Saturday, 18 September 2010


Last week I finally managed to escape to my own special woods. What makes this wood so special is that half way through there's a beautiful view across the fields to my home and it means that we can walk or cycle there in almost no time at all. The woods here are young, although there are a couple of tree specimens that date back to Saxon times, I've been told, so this area has always been covered in woodland, just not a great deal of it remains.

From gnarly fallen trees,

to vine covered fairy homes we explored, the Moomin and I.

Then back home to paint up some wooden slices from our hawthorn hedge at the field. I feel the stirrings of fairies, but also want to indulge in some Autumn pictures. What will actually go onto these little slices is anyone's guess. I want to make them special though, as I only have a very few of these pieces.

More trees, only this time, these are back from the printer. I'm so pleased with how they turned out. The colours are gorgeous, although the pictures don't do them justice. I don't mind that though, as I'm a tad bothered by copyright again these days!

I'm also very pleased with my two fantasy horse cards. I'm going to be putting a few of these in the Etsy shop, but soon I'll be dipping my toes with the shop on my website, so that should be interesting!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

More work.

Mostly I've been organising and shuffling items from one side of the Studio and back again and then hunting around trying to find where everything ended up!!!

I'm also trying to work on some new items for the Etsy shop, but I start off with a firm idea and then like little butterflies the images flit away. I need a spell with my sketchbook, letting my mind go blank and just doodling.

I do have some cards on their way from the printer and as soon as they arrive they'll be going in the shop. I'm very hopeful that they turn out well.

It's also that time of year when the needle felt comes out, but will it give way to a delicious crochet pattern I've seen, who knows???

Edited to add: I'm currently learning to make Granny squares and crochet a simple chain :D

Thursday, 9 September 2010

The getaway.

What's the antidote to a little artistic stress? An escape of course, or an Artist's Date as described in the Artist's Way. I needed to walk the Woodelf's dogs again and so it was a great way to lose myself in the woods without feeling vulnerable.

We walked through groves of beech trees, silent and spooky.

With hushed footsteps among the whispering leaves along new and unfamiliar paths. Suddenly one dog refused to go forward, with growls and dragging feet she was pulled in my wake, her brother falling into step beside her. I wasn't filled with confidence as obviously I'd be the first eaten by the wolf or bear hiding in the undergrowth. Just as suddenly they perked up and ran in front of me. We were on the way home!

Down yet another unfamiliar path I was brought up short by this stunningly beautiful scene. Please click on the picture to enlarge it.

I could feel the magic in the air as my skin prickled and both dogs were happy to lounge about as I took these pictures.

This is my favourite :D

A dog pulled and the camera jogged, surrounding us with danceing faeries :D

A faery gift? On the path this gorgeous slice of cedar. It looked like a piece of the moon, fallen to Earth and waiting to be painted on.

A much needed break and my Muse is now content.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Steely grey sky.

The birds were hushed this morning as the day dawned cold and grey. A few raindrops pattered on the window, thrown by a fitful wind. Not sure if Autumn is really here this time or if Summer may throw in a few more hot days. Somehow I doubt it.

Today is jam making day, to fill the house with warm sweet smells and stock the cupboards against the coming Winter.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Work and play.

Refilling the creative well is just as important as sitting down and doing the graft. In this spirit we took the Woodelf's dogs and went for a very long walk in the woods around her home.

Through groves of towering chestnuts, silent and gently swaying.

We took pictures of the dogs with a new commission lined up, but it was quickly evident that one was a bit of a Diva and appeared in most of the pictures, haha!

Back home I had a massive clear out of the studio and what a huge amount of junk there was, mostly boxes and packing stuff for the ceramics. See how small my garden actually is?

This is a vast improvement! From left to right, ceramic glazes, bottom shelf my wooden blocks for painting and the rh bookcase is full of clay and slips plus the moongazing hare that's still waiting to be fired and my unfinished self portrait.

Back up a bit and you can see my canvases and boxes of paints and pastels. The blanket on the chair is a bit cat hairy thanks to little Arnold cat sneaking in whenever he can :D

I found quite a few surprises in some of the boxes, including these two dragons that I'd forgotten all about. This guy has the original sunburst eyes,

and this one has a bit of a cheeky look that I tried out on only a few of my dragons. They may be for sale at some point!

I so love my Studio and it's now such a peaceful and relatively uncluttered space that I can work in and once the roof is fixed I'm hoping I can work out there longer into the Winter this year.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Book release and Making Coraline.

We were thrilled to bits to find Jackie Morris' new book The Ice Bear on sale in our little bookshop. After hunting around for an elusive Birthday present, the book was the perfect gift. I so wanted to keep it for myself, but that's just being selfish (and I'll put it on my Christmas list, haha!). Moomin wanted it too!

After a gruelling shopping trip (who knew school bags could be so hard to choose!) we retreated to our sewing boxes. I've been making this doll for Moomin for so long and everything else has come first but now we've decided to give her the Coraline look I felt inspired to knuckle down. With the movie on in the background, I spent the longest time stitching the hair in place. Some time today will be clothes making :D

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Back to work.

Next week it's back to school and work for all of us after a fantastic Summer.

We've had some great times and the Dutch oven has been a huge success. We made a wonderful chicken stew in it but lovely son wanted gammon and eggs which seem to be synonymous with campfires. We'll be eating out in this way far more from now on.

Merlin has been working too, haha! The beautiful vision standing behind him is Nonie, the mare from my painting, and from this photo. She was the Southern Show Champion and we're very honoured to have her staying with us. Hopefully in 11months time there'll be the patter of little hooves. Once again, Merlin's sweet and patient nature has stunned us all as he's been happy to come in from the paddock as part of his usual routine and hasn't been at all possesive of Nonie. If anything he's more concerned if he thinks she's getting more attention than him!

While taking pictures for a future portrait I met this gorgeous little bunny who sat still for the longest time while I photographed it, before fleeing across the field to it's burrow.

I also have a few more horses to paint, so I need to seriously get my nose back to the grindstone.