Saturday, 23 October 2010


We had a terrific storm in the night, all rain and gales. I woke at 3am to hear things crashing around the garden and my mind began panicking but couldn't work out why. As I struggled to reach wakefulness I remembered the new painting in the Studio and how vulnerable it was left on the easel below a very leaky roof!

Sleep finally reclaimed me as the wind continued to bash at the house but my dreams were jumbled and uncomfortable.

With glorious sun pouring through the window, the last thing I did as I got up was check the Studio. I guess dread made me wait until my tea cup was full! The strip of spare roofing was miraculously still in place and everything looked ok. Now I'm waiting to finish my tea to go and check the inside. Fingers crossed!!!

Updated to add: Thank you friends for your comments :D The painting was fine and had even dried a little better than I'd hoped. The sun was glorious for most of the day and then more rain and thunder attacked the poor Studio. It still stands and resists. I love that Studio sooo much :D

Friday, 22 October 2010


Today has been a struggle as I must finish a commissioned painting and it's not going at all well. The sketch was perfect, but the paint just doesn't want to lay properly. I'm using a new paper and I don't like it at all. Sadly I may have to scrap this one and go back to my beloved Bockingford paper. The paint just flows effortlessly with the Bockingford, but the new pad shows all the brush strokes and the paint just sits on the surface, doing it's own thing, grrr!

I won't waste the new paper, as it could be used to create some interesting effects and sometimes I like to throw paint down and then see what comes of it. But for a fairly tight portrait, I just can't take the risks! I'll do a little more to this one and see if I can't nail it down, so fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

On the way to work.

After dropping the children at school, I took a little detour before heading home to the Studio.

Along frost spangled paths

through trees silent and sleeping.

Willow leaves floated down to meet the still, dark lake,

and sun warmed water rises to meet the sky.

A nearby neighbour greets me with a curious stare.

And a doll, half finished takes her ease by the fireplace.

Willow, the goldfish who thinks she's a dolphin, passes judgement (rather rudely, I think!).

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Wonderful news :D

This is just the best news since Merlin was granted his Stallion licence!

Tonight I had a call from Nonie's owner. Nonie was the beautiful Eriskay mare that stayed with us for the Summer. It would seem that Merlin is going to be a Daddy :D
Nonie's foal is due in July which means that she fell pregnant almost immediately after arriving! So despite only being a little chap, Merlin has what it takes to support the Society's breeding program, yaay!

Well done little fella :D

Saturday, 16 October 2010


My flashy new little glass headed pins look so lovely in my tiny home made pin cushion. This picture is a little dark, but I enjoy these little gems a bit too much, haha!

I've been making fabric heads and think that I've finally got the hang of it now!

They look a little odd, gathered in one place, like a macabre collection of trophies!!!
But what can I say? I bought a book to help me with my ceramic dolls and then fell in love with the fabric ones!

Oooh, books can be dangerous to the weak willed!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I found myself trapped among treasures and delights all colours of the rainbow.
Button jewels

and bolts of bright fabrics. Embroidery threads

and reels of delicious cottons.

I escaped only after handing over my coins of gold and clutching my treasures I returned home to make magic! (I hope!!!)

Friday, 8 October 2010


Wow! What a great word Drempang is. It was the word verification on a blog I posted on today and has filled my head with ideas for a Halloween piece. A doll, a painting or maybe a spooky place. Stay tuned, I have to complete this today, so I'm heading to the Studio to see what lurks there :D

Edited to add:

Well, this is the little guy I found out there, but he seems way too cute to be Drempang! What do you think???

His creation began over a year ago, and he's been naked and unformed since then. Until today. He is loosely based on the Moomin's Hamster and so is a Vampster, although at some point he's lost a fang!!! His eyes are the result of leaving a set too long in the oven, creating a burnt and bloodshot efect. He's also waiting for his feet!!!

As I've got to create some feet, I may well create some more heads and limbs and see what happens. This is very exciting and if he proves popular, then Vampster and his family may well end up in the Etsy shop :D

Please let me know what you think of my creations, all comments are very welcome :D

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Rainy days and lists.

The constant and very heavy rain of the last few days have driven me inside to work. My poor studio is such a leaky vessel that I'm thinking of renaming it the Leaky Cauldron! Or, and readers of Terry Pratchett would appreciate this, the 'Broken Drum'!!! Either way, the poor structure may limp it's way through another season or two but few more! As it is at the moment, my shelves are giving one wall stability and stopping the rain from reaching me from that side.

I must point out that it wasn't an expensive structure, but was bought wholly with the proceeds of a pretty good Exhibition one year and so means a lot to me. The roof will be repaired in the next few days, so at least I'll not feel like I'm sitting under a sieve, haha!

I have lots of lists to write, plans and timetables, commissions and their priorities. First though, I have some fun little Halloween pictures to work on and get in the Etsy shop. I've had some inspiring ideas in the dark quiet moments of the wakeful nights and I need to put them to good use.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Catching up.

I have such a lot of artwork to catch up on and as the wind is hurling heavy water at the windows, it feels like a day to snuggle up in the lounge with my sketchpad and pastels.

This is just a fun drawing I made from the trailer for a new Ramone Bosco movie. It's just my kind of weird and wonderful.

It's not a faithful copy, just my version. I love the idea of these odd little characters on a bridge. I can feel more ideas stirring just from this one image and as Halloween is well on it's way,I'd like to get some prints and felted creatures in the Etsy shop soon.

For a complete change last night, we switched off all electrical appliances and had a technology free evening. It was a great experience and interesting to see how each of us dealt with it. With more planning and forethought, we may do it again. It was inspired by Rhonda Jean of Down to Earth. Please pay her a visit, her blog is amazing.