Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In between painting....

This has to be my most favourite puddings, upside down cake. This one was made with plums, it's a very simple recipe which I can post up if anyone would like it.
It's great to pop into a hot oven after cooking a Sunday roast and rounds off a dinner perfectly, especially on dark Winter days.

Serve with lots of cream :D

Painting of a different sort has been happening at Oakmoon Towers! I finally decided to give my bedroom a bit of a facelift. As it's half in the roof, a bit of a Gothic theme suggested itself so I dug out lots of pictures of the Gryffindor common room for inspiration.

It's slow going and the worst bit was the ceiling! I chose a dark cream for the walls, which looked very apricoty to start with but is quite warm and cosy now after getting used it! I have two more walls to finish and then the finishing touches.

I've looked everywhere for the perfect curtains, but have accepted that I'll have to make them myself, as I'm not shelling out over £100.00 for a set. The problem is that I want heavy tapestry drapes which are not easy to come by. I'll keep you posted on that score!

Right, back to the easel today as I've a lot to get done in a short space of time. Walk the puppy first though :D

Monday, 22 November 2010

Shoes for a Dragon rider!

Wow! The puppy is growing so quickly and we can see a difference weekly. He's been walking now for a week and today we met a whole heap of new dogs. It was just too exciting for him and he was sorely in need of a cuddle and a sleep.

I managed to get more painting done whilst pup slept and it was such a productive day. I love the way this picture is painting itself!!!

Also, a truly wonderful surprise arrived in the post! A very long time ago, I set my heart on a pair of magical shoes. I saved and went without a few things, the pennies added up! I placed a suggestion a few weeks ago on the Fairysteps site. So quickly my suggestion became a reality and my shoes took form. They arrived a scant few days after I paid and they felt like gossamer wings on my feet. Hermes could not have worn a better pair :D

Thank you Ren from the bottom of my sole :D These shoes are just too special. I feel like creating beautiful art when they are on my feet and I want to fly around the room too, haha! They are truly shoes for a Dragonrider :D

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Standing under the early morning sky, stars all around me like frost chips and the grass crisp under my sheepskin slippers I looked around for my inspiration, but she had fled. The puppy snuffles the cold grass and rummages in the hedge while I wait in the precious silence. I don't hurry him as I love the stillness, the waiting as the cold seeps through my jumper and into my nightie, the moment before the World awakes. Usually the magic stirs my muse and I hurry to my paints, but not today, not this week.
This week I'll take a few days out, do some housework and walk the puppy. I've deadlines galloping towards me, but the work will go all the faster for a break. That's what I'm hoping anyway!!!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Autumn fire.

In between working on commissions, I've started on a painting for myself inspired by the gorgeous flaming Autumn leaves. The animal has had several incarnations, starting out as a hare, becoming a deer, coyote and wolf before finally settling as a Dragon. Maybe I should call it Morph!!!

Finally the website is almost back to how it was. It's not perfect, but considering the hours I've spent dredging up photos and adding copyright to them all, I'm half way pleased!

Friday, 5 November 2010

New Banner.

Well, actually it's an old one. I enjoyed painting it and thought it would freshen the place up a bit. I'm going to paint another one soon though as I've had fun giving the blog a facelift.

I've also been fiddling with the Website and hope to have the shop operational by the end of the week. I'd like to give the website a total overhaul, but it took soooo long to get it looking half way decent that for now I'll leave it.

Today will be full, as my last commission is just about finished, I have two new commissions to start, plus a whole lot of work for myself to focus on. Busy days ahead :D

Edited to add: If you visit the Website today, you'll notice that all of the pictures have vanished. That's because I cleaned up my files and lost the images, doh!!!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wise words indeed.

If you have the time, please drop in to visit Rima at The Hermitage. She has had an issue with one of her commissioned paintings and explains more eloquently than I could, the dilemas of working directly for customers. It's a very interesting post and one that will stay with me all day as I potter about my studio, finishing off and then preparing my next pieces.

Several times I've had similar experiences to hers, and each time I've handled them differently. The clearest point Rima makes is that neither the Artist nor the Commissioner can know exactly how a painting or sculpture will turn out as we are at the whim of so many external forces. From physical properties that change paint and clay, to the mood of the Artist on the day of creation and lets not forget our tricksy muses who love to sprinkle their influence like fairy dust.

So when you commission a piece of work, it's good to remember that you are buying so much more than paint on paper or clay. You are buying time, effort and often a piece of the Artist themselves.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Nearly there.

I'm nearly finished now with this latest portrait and despite the strange paper, it's worked out ok. The other horses and cat need to be finished off and the main horse needs his fine details filled in.
It's been a good days work and I've had the puppy on my lap keeping me warm and cosy in the Studio :D

Monday, 1 November 2010


Manchee, our new puppy. He's a Pocket Lurcher, which is a very small version of the standard Lurcher and will probably only reach about 20inches in height. He's a Bedlington x Whippet, is as cute as a button and goes like a rocket.

Despite the distractions of house training and playing 'fetch', work on the paintings continue and I hope to have some progress pictures soon and maybe a few things for the shop, yaaay :D