Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Going Forth.

This year I'm taking the Studio out on the road. I've been planning and making up a schedule of the fairs and shows that I think I may be suited to. Lots of plans and organising. Packing and re packing cards, with lots of help from the nosey puppy :D

I've been dreaming of gypsy Varda and how wonderful it would be to have my studio and bed, children and puppy all under one roof, travelling around the fairs hawking my wares. Then I swing by Jackie Morris' blog and see that she has the same idea, only a bit more practical! It must be something to do with the Spring air :D

Time to stop playing with the pc now and get my nose back to the grindstone. I have some beautiful wood slices from our apple tree that have waited patiently to be painted on, plus several very patient customers awaiting their finished portraits.


Kadeeae said...

Have to say, I have always dreamt of a wonderfully free and nomadic life. I'm sure it would have it's pitfalls, but when dreaming, you just don't see those as clearly ;-)

rossichka said...

What a busy and thrilling year is knocking on your door! It's so nice to have certain plans and to keep your mind clear for new challenges and opportunities! I wish you good luck in everything you do! I'm eager to see your apple tree slices, turned into pieces of art!:)
What about nomadic life... it's far away from me, but when I try to imagine it, I suppose it's exciting and charming!

Yarrow said...

A nomadic life would be good, to be sure, but not terribly practical with the children. However, we're gonna give it a go :D