Thursday, 27 January 2011

Valentine and award.

Already I've been planning for valentine's day and here is the first design to share with you. It's not quite finished and isn't the full scan, but you get the idea.

Two little Ampithere's in love. Ampithere's are fresh water dragons who are happy deep in the darkest pools and rivers. Occasionally they hover above the water on hot sunny days and are often mistaken for large dragonflies. Unlike the dragonfly, these little dragons live for decades, seldom mating and so are extremely rare.

I have several more cards on the easel, all in different states of painting. It's been great fun and I'll share them with you as I complete them. Hopefully they'll be off to the printer soon and will be in the Etsy shop asap.

The lovely Rossichka from Out of the Shell blog has given me an award. Thank you so much dear friend. I'll dedicate a proper post to it as soon as I can squeeze it in :D


rossichka said...

You are welcome, Kimberley! I'm so glad I made you feel joy!
How interesting - I have a similar couple in love, but they are... sea horses! You can see them, as well as the rest of the animals here - . Isn't it nice that we are inspired by one and the same theme?:)

Yarrow said...

I've always loved sea horses Rossichka and yours are so sweet :D