Monday, 24 January 2011

Woodland management.

On one of my walks through my favourite woods, I was a little shocked to find so much devastation! Thankfully the woods are very well managed and the products are sustainable and promote the use of woodlands rather than leaving them to fall apart and be sold off (cough, cough!)

However, whilst I understand the need and the use of local wood, scenes like this are still a little hard to take in.

I sat on a fallen tree, the spirits long since fled, and watched the puppy enjoy this dangerous and exciting new landscape.

The big logs were too much for him, so a much smaller branch became his friend and playmate.

Of course, I couldn't resist a couple of slices for myself, but due to the rain these logs were HEAVY and nearly broke my back. I'm not just helping myself but have an arrangement with the Estate and pay for these as if they were a load of firewood.

After rolling in something unamable, the poor pup was then treated to a thorough bath. I love his spikey up fur and when dry he's just like a poweder puff :D
You can see his Bedlington heritage in this picture :D


renilde said...

Your puppy has grown so much and looks happy,the cut down trees didn't bother him but I understand your shock.
The slices have wonderful colors and forms so let them inspire you and enjoy them. x renilde

Yarrow said...

Thank you Renilde, they are beautiful heartwoods :D

rossichka said...

Your puppy is wonderful - he's grown up so quickly! A true companion... I see why you were shocked and I hope you won't see similar sights in future! Woods must be kept alive - everywhere in the world...
P.S. Have you read my previous comment?:)))