Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Busy week and it's only Wednesday!

The high winds this week did indeed bring down a tree, but thankfully it was one of our neighbours and not the dreaded eucalyptus which would have flattened all of our fences and set Merlin free to rampage through the village (again!).

Manchee is still growing and there are times when I'm stunned by how gorgeous he is. It's hard to remember that he's still just a pup, when his legs are so long and he can outrun most dogs at the park!

I've taken a break from painting this week and have instead been tackling the unfinished jobs around the house. The bedroom is finished, but now the bathrooms look shabby, so they've been added to the list!
I've needed some furniture to replace certain pieces, but going furniture shopping has been grim to say the least. The wood is flimsy pap and the prices are ridiculous. I was overjoyed then to find this little oak nightstand at my favourite junk shop for just £20.00. The reason for the price was obvious once I'd picked, peeled and scraped off the nasty vinyl top. It was riddled with woodworm! It's now been treated with some pretty harsh chemicals and is sitting in the garage waiting to be stripped and sanded.

This footstool isn't so pretty but at least the wood is sound. The lino top is stuck on with some amazing glue that's almost defeated me. I'm going to take the heat gun to it later!!! However, it's the perfect shape and size for dear little Arnie cat to get up to his food bowl, away from ravening dog jaws!!! Arnie has arthritis in his front legs and can't jump too well, so I'm hoping he'll be happy with this solution :D


rossichka said...

It's so nice to have the possibility to make a break from your work whenever you want! That's one of the advantages of being a free artist! It's the same with me. (I'm a freelance director for five years now...)Yes, there's not a free spot in the schedule, but still we have the freedom to choose how to organize our time!
You did things that are important for your household. I just wonder aren't you cold to do this just now?:)) I wouldn't manage!
The pieces of furniture are very interesting!
And your dog is so charming!

Julia Kelly said...

Glad your horses didn't escape! Ours did yesterday because the wind blew a gate open and had to help Grandpa, who is 85 and cant move fast through the snow get the four back in!

Yarrow said...

It has been cold in the garage, Rossichka, so I've done some work in the kitchen, but it's too smelly and messy for in the house really. I've been outside for most of today, despite the drizzle!

That's not good at all, Julia!

Bovey Belle said...

You need to start buying from auction - then you will see what cheap is!!! Have fun restoring your pieces, it's very satisfying.

Yarrow said...

Thank you Jennie, I'll be looking at some auctions in the next weeks. Keeps me out of trouble :D