Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This is the third week of almost unbroken rain and it's beginning to swamp us. We've had a couple of less wet days and I think the sun broke through briefly last week, but as weather goes, this is dire! The temporary roof is just about keeping the Studio dry, but I'll not be back out there for a while yet!

Rather than give in to it, we've been togging up in raincoats and hats and taking the dog to the woods. On Monday we were joined by my Sister and her two terriers.

Manchee is doing one of his sliding turns here and little Widget just cannot catch him.

A quick stop for a treat and instructions, 'go get the ball'! Ruby, the little black Patterdale was just too quick for the boys and they barely even saw the ball!

Too late, she's already gone while the boys are still thinking about it!

The Yew grove was showing the strains of the weather with branches and whole trees brought down by torrential rain, wind and snow.

One of the fallen trees made a nice resting spot and next time we come we'll bring a flask and some sandwiches and stay longer.

My Sister and Moomin.

Meanwhile today, I have housework to tackle, Manchee's picture to finish, another painting that's pulling at my brain and some dolls to bring to life. Hmmm..... How much of that will I achieve do you think???


Dartford Warbler said...

I have enjoyed your blog Yarrow. I will come back to look at your old posts. Your artwork is lovely.

It is like living in a rain cloud here this morning. I`m just off outside again, to muddy ponies and a wet dog walk in the woods. I expect we are sharing the same weather. You are not so far away.

Best wishes, DW

Callies Cottage said...

We got a days respite yesterday here in South Devon and I managed to get some outside work done on the chilli farm where I work...but the signs of Spring are here so hopefully the sun will follow!
Warm Wishes,
Callie x

Kadeeae said...

You know what 'they' say, no such thing as bad weather....

Hope that you get as much done as you're allowed to ;-)

Tammie Lee said...

nice that you get out, rain and all!

Yarrow said...

I think we just accept the weather here and have to get on regardless :D

rossichka said...

I don't like the rainy weather! I remember my stay in Denmark some years ago, when I picked the umbrella with me every day, because I never knew when it would rain. In August! I prefer to stay at home,listen to the drops falling and bake something delicious for dinner!:)
You made a nice long walk. It's always much more exciting when there're dogs around! (We had once a dog and I have a rich experience!)I hope you'll go back to your studio soon - the Spring is preparing to come. What a tender daughter you have!

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, Moomin is very precious :D and I agree that staying and baking in is often best done on wet days.