Friday, 4 February 2011


So badly have I fallen under the spell once again of Amazon. Before I knew it, I had five books in my basket and was clicking 'BUY'. I am such a naughty girl as I still have plenty in the wobbly book tower beside my bed to read. Soon the tower will be above mattress height again, haha! I admit that they were mostly second hand, as I do love old books, and one was a gift for my Mother, but I may have to read it when she's finished :D

Very soon too, I will have to share pictures of the decorated bedroom, but I'm so slow at getting it finished as work and children take priority. However, last night we had a terrific storm that buffeted the house, and our dreams were fitful and hectic. The garden has been wrecked and I must sort that out before the damage can be made worse by more high winds. The studio is still standing, but alas the greenhouse tent thingy has taken off! I dread to think what will be waiting at the field, so long as the ponies haven't blown away, I'll be happy :D

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