Friday, 25 March 2011

Another painting.

My latest painting is coming along nicely, but didn't flow as well as the first two. I'm wondering if it's because it's of Merlin and I'm trying to capture his likeness rather than just a feeling as in the first two. Even so, I'm happy with progress so far and would love to sit and finish it today, but I've booked a day off to spend time with my Mother. A break will probably do me good but these paintings have felt like being in love, all else has been pushed aside as they draw my focus, asking me to return again and again, just one more brush stroke :D

I hope you all have a lovely day and sun shines on you.x


rossichka said...

Your Mum is surely happy to spend some time with you! Let tomorrow be anothet day, full of inspiration, energy to paint and joy!:)

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, you are so wise and sweet :D