Saturday, 12 March 2011

Avalon Faery Fair.

We are off today to the Faery Fair at Avalon in Glastonbury. I'm so excited to be meeting all the wonderful people I've become acquainted with on line. The internet is an amazing phenomena when you think about how we've all become linked from all parts of the globe.

I'll take lots of pictures and hopefully I'll meet Linda Ravenscroft, one of my art heroes.

So have a magical day all, I know we will :D


Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay!!! It sounds like such fun..have an enchanting time..!!

Kadeeae said...

Oh was thinking about this this morning . . . so wish I could have attended. Didn't realize that you would be there too! Will be looking forward to the pics, hope you're having a grand time :)

rossichka said...

What a happy chance - to meet blogger-friends in "real" life! Enjoy yourself!