Saturday, 12 March 2011

Faery pictures.

Our journey was looong but not too tiring as my navigator was extremely thorough and wildly entertaining. Village names were read out in the voices of Lord of the Rings characters, but not maybe as you would recognise them and I was in very real danger of driving off the road as I laughed helplessly!

Our travel worn spirits were instantly calmed and soothed by the Chalice Well, our Mecca and the first place that we always visit in Glastonbury.

The pool is so soothing and I wish we'd had more time to just sit and contemplate. The water is orange because of the high iron content, and higher up, you can drink it at it's source. It's meant to have healing properties, whether drunk or bathed in.

My Fae companion.

We both took a paddle in the pool, but believe me, it is so absolutely freezing that I salute those people who are able to fully submerge in it! The cold is so intense that it shoots up your heels and into the back of your head, well, that's how it feels for me and the Moomin agrees with my description :D

We ate our lunch in a quiet spot and admired the view over the trees to the Tor.

This is such a beautiful place and the view from the top is incredible, but we simply didn't have the time to go there today.

I did however stop for a quick picture. I'm not keen on having my photo taken, but I urge you to check out my footwear.

I'm wearing the wonderful Faery boots from Ren over at Fairysteps. They were so lovely and drew more than a few admiring glances :D

The Fair itself was a delicious melting pot of artists and their work.
One of our favourites was this wonderful man who creates mind boggling sculptures from pieces of found wood and bones. He had such a large array of creatures and curious that I couldn't photograph them all, and it seemed rude to ask. He did however let me snap this little beast, who was kept in a mysterious and dangerous box which is almost an unbearable curiosity. We had to be careful and quiet as this little Ratnarok likes to steal the souls of the unwary.

This beautiful piece is Volehalla, the place where the voles souls go to at the end of their lives. The central piece contains a multitude of tiny vole bones and was so delicate and slightly macabre!

Now sadly, I didn't take any photos at the actual Fair, because I was so star struck after meeting the beautiful and wonderfully kind Linda Ravenscroft. She spent a long time talking to me and I'm afraid I walked around in a bit of a daze afterwards. Moomin managed to spend ALL of her money and was more than happy with her purchases, including a couple of gifts for her brother, who really didn't want to come and spend the day with a load of Faeries. Funny that!!! So in all, an amazing day and an invitation to do it all again at the Three Wishes Faery Fest in June, when I promise to take a lot more pictures, especially ones including some actual Faeries :D


Tammie said...

Oh, it looks like you had a grand time! Love those faery shoes!! And you are adorably beautiful.

I just finished a fairy piece today.... so if you are still in the fairy mood, you might enjoy a peak.

Yarrow said...

You're too kind Tammie :D

Abi said...

Oh how lovely! I love fairs, especially anything do with fairies!!
I loved to visit Glastonbury when I lived in the UK.
I love your cardigan :O)

Abi said...

Do you feel the love? LOL how many times can I write it in one comment!

Morning's Minion said...

Our Kentucky landscape now has great swaths of wild daffodils in the most unlikely places, so I am delighted to see them in your setting. Bright color on a day of sunshine and almost startling against the new green on a clooudy/rainy day.

Yarrow said...

Abi, you do make me laugh :D I DO feel the love :D

MM, daffodils are such a heartening sight on dull days and magical on sunny ones :D

rossichka said...

There's magic and mystery in your trip and the places you've been! It's nice that you had taken your daughter with you - to see the things you'd see, to share the emotions and not to feel lonely or lost...:) I like your photo very much - you are so tender! It would be nice to see more photos in June!
Greetings from a country without fairies, but with other mystical female creatures - the samodiva-s!

Bovey Belle said...

What a wonderful day out! Some very strange creative juices at work (that voles might have souls has never occurred to me . . .) All very "Glastonbury" though!

Yarrow said...

Oh thank you for that link, Rossichka. I feel very inspired by them :D

It was a great day BB, you would have had such a laugh. The fairies dancing with some scruffy buskers was such a sight indeed!

Tuatha of the Isles said...

Excellent shoes ;) I used to have these awesome pixie boots in my teenage years but they had long curly toes with bells on them x Like your as they are more practicle and less likely to trip you up or get tangled in things x