Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Feeding the Muse.

Finally the rain has stopped and we can enjoy warmth of the sun for a while :D
It seems that Spring waits quietly for days such as these and then buds and flowers pop up in great haste. Along the hedgerows the tiny hawthorn buds are swelling and soon we'll surrounded by new life.
Now that he's older and fitter I can take Manchee on one of my favourite walks, through the village and to my special woods.

The twisty, turny branches held me fascinated while the dog ran off and explored.

Deep, dark badger sets needed to be looked into, by us both :D

The dog took more time than I did, sniffing and sticking his head deep into places I was too wary of. Maybe he could tell the badgers were deep in their dark underground nest and so not likely to bite a nose off!

I have to paint these wonderful branches. Their patterns were such a delight.

And I loved these staggering trees on the skyline, they may also have to be included somewhere.

It must have been the warm sun on my face, because I found myself just staring at this lovely tree for the longest time, until the impatience of my companion forced me to move on.

I finally finished the portrat of Manchee and am very pleased with how the new background colour has changed the whole feel of it.

I think it will look very good in my temporary studio, which I've been busily organising. Pictures to follow :D

For now, I must get into the garden and make the most of the weather, as I have a new project in construction and I'm keen to get it completed. Have fun all.x


Dartford Warbler said...

I love your portrait of Manchee. He looks so alert and ready to spring away out of the picture.

These sunny days are so encouraging. Celandines are out here and the spring grass is coming through. There were so many birds singing this evening.

rossichka said...

You are lucky to live so close to nature and to be a witness to its changes during the seasons! Manchee has enjoyed a lot during the walk and I see why!:)His portrait is wonderful - quite different with the new background - quiet and warm!
Greetings from my cold town!:) They said on the TV that Spring will come on Friday... I hope the rest of the snow will melt at last!..

Becks said...

The portrait is amazing. I am so in awe of your wonderful talent, i can just about manage matchstick figures!
The area you live looks beautiful too, although I wonder if you sent the rain over our way? It hasn't stopped here for days!

Yarrow said...

We've been very lucky with the weather this week.

I hope it warms up for you soon Rossichka.x
The birds are such a delight DW aren't they :D

Yarrow said...

Sorry about your rain, Becks. I think it's so green and lovely here because of all our rain :D

rossichka said...

Yesterday and today Spring can be felt in the air. At last... Hurrah, hurrah!:))))) And life became beautiful at once!