Monday, 21 March 2011

Playing with acrylics.

I got back from feeding the ponies last night, and what should I find but the Moomin doing a fairly good impression of me :D She had taken over the kitchen, borrowed my table easel and was even playing my Prodigy album at full blast!!! I knew that she'd bought some supplies while out shopping with her Dad, but I was caught totally by surprise at her single minded determination to produce her own picture, with absolutely no input from me!

It's nearly finished already and I just love my girl's style :D I'm very proud. So much in fact that I dug out my own acrylic paints and an old canvas that had been painted blue, just because I wanted to paint something but didn't know what, so I just painted lots of blue swirls.

An idea formed and with as little preparation as my daughter, I sketched a chalk owl roughly onto the canvas and copied a picture from a reference book. I just threw a load of colours onto the canvas and had a play.

Painting the white feathers over the darker colours was just enormous fun and the owl was finished in less than 3hours. Crikey! Have I been making a mistake fighting with watercolours for all these years? Maybe not, as I love watercolours and lovely wet washes. The trouble is that I then try to get tighter and start to fiddle, which just makes the colours muddy. Whereas here I could fiddle as much as I wanted and it just looked better and better.

I'm off now to get some more canvases, for Moomin, myself and now the son wants to have a go, haha!

I'll be making some prints of this soon for the Etsy shop. Can you tell I'm doing a happy dance :D


Morning's Minion said...

Owls are such interesting creatures--the ones I've seen are Great-Horned Owls.
I may not understand the technique of your painting but the results are stunning.

Yarrow said...

Thank you MM :D

rossichka said...

Good for Moomin-she has made a beautiful painting! (Does she play violin?)She has just followed her heart and it's so nice that she inspired Mummy to paint!:)
Your owl is wonderful! I like the colours of its feathers. They look so soft! Your Muse was beside you... I believe it will come again!:)

Yarrow said...

Thank you Rossichka, Moomin doesn't play the violin, but I used to (try) and the painting turned out to be a gift for me. I'm so happy and proud :D Now I need to find somewhere to hang it :D

Tuatha of the Isles said...

lovely @ both ;)