Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I've been prepping canvases while coping with a head full of ideas. Painting random mixtures is very soothing.

This messy canvas looked a right state by the time I'd finished, but I need a dramatic background, so it should work (fingers crossed!). Luckily I have a stash of canvases left over from my evening class days, some I even made myself as we were encouraged to try this out. It was pretty successful on my part, but easier to just buy a few!

While out dog walking, Moomin was persuaded to pose dramatically for some new paintings in my head. These will most likely be watercolour again, as now I'm getting to grips with acrylic I find I'm missing the sloppy washes!!!!

The sun is shining and the Studio beckons, have a great day all :D


rossichka said...

The sky is gray and "heavy" here, everything and everyone is silent, in expectation of the Great Arrival - we are all waiting for the Spring to come at last - today or tomorrow, they assure us! It's high time, besides, yesterday we saw a stork in a village nearby!:)
You are full of ideas and zest to paint, Kimberley! I wish you a fantastic time in front of the easel!:)xx

Dartford Warbler said...

How lovely to be preparing the ground for your paintings.

It`s a beautiful day here too.

Yarrow said...

We saw a heron this morning Rossichka, so Spring is well under way here. I'll try to send some sun your way.x

It's becoming a bit of an obsession DW, mind you, panic about the upcoming fairs is driving me now!